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1134. By Chad Miller

Replace patch name.

1133. By Chad Miller

debian/patches/gpu_default_disabled: Make GPU activation a (default off)
preference instead of blacklisting.

1132. By Chad Miller

[Chad Miller]
* Upstream release 43.0.2357.130:
  - CVE-2015-1266: Scheme validation error in WebUI.
  - CVE-2015-1268: Cross-origin bypass in Blink.
  - CVE-2015-1267: Cross-origin bypass in Blink.
  - CVE-2015-1269: Normalization error in HSTS/HPKP preload list.
* debian/tests/smoketest-actual: Capture web-server log so we can
  get port and test retreival. Fixes autopkgtest failures.
* debian/patches/widevine-other-locations: Search Chrome install
  location to find widevine plugins.
* Use new Flash plugin name in apport collector.
[Iain Lane]
* Test fixes.
* debian/tests/control: Add a test-dep on python3-httplib2 and dbus-x11
  which are required by the testsuite.
* debian/tests/smoketest-actual: Redirect webserver-out and webserver-err so
  that the test can read these.

1131. By Chad Miller

Remove references to staleness check file.

1130. By Chad Miller

debian/control, debian/chromium-browser.sh.in: Prompt nothing about
Flash plugin. Send Help clicks to Wiki instead.

1129. By Chad Miller

* Upstream release 43.0.2357.81.
  - "Icons not displaying properly on Linux" (LP: #1449063)

1128. By Chad Miller

* debian/chromium-browser.sh.in: Add --verbose to get logging info.
* debian/patches/{notifications-nicer,mir-support}: disable unnecessary

1127. By Chad Miller

debian/patches/enable_vaapi_on_linux.diff: Temporarily disable patch until
ARM works.

1126. By Chad Miller

* Upstream release 43.0.2357.65:
  - CVE-2015-1252: Sandbox escape in Chrome.
  - CVE-2015-1253: Cross-origin bypass in DOM.
  - CVE-2015-1254: Cross-origin bypass in Editing.
  - CVE-2015-1255: Use-after-free in WebAudio.
  - CVE-2015-1256: Use-after-free in SVG.
  - CVE-2015-1251: Use-after-free in Speech.
  - CVE-2015-1257: Container-overflow in SVG.
  - CVE-2015-1258: Negative-size parameter in Libvpx.
  - CVE-2015-1259: Uninitialized value in PDFium.
  - CVE-2015-1260: Use-after-free in WebRTC.
  - CVE-2015-1261: URL bar spoofing.
  - CVE-2015-1262: Uninitialized value in Blink.
  - CVE-2015-1263: Insecure download of spellcheck dictionary.
  - CVE-2015-1264: Cross-site scripting in bookmarks.
  - CVE-2015-1265: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other
  - Multiple vulnerabilities in V8 fixed at the tip of the 4.3 branch
* debian/patches/display-scaling-report-hardware-info: removed, unnecessary.
* debian/patches/coordinate-space-map: removed, unnecessary.

1125. By Chad Miller

* debian/chromium-browser.sh.in: Presence of old Flash is not a reason
  to suggest new plugin. If new plugin exists, be silent. Do not rely on
  new plugin to Conflicts and remove all the old bad ones.
* debian/patches/enable_vaapi_on_linux.diff: Enable video acceleration
* debian/patches/fix_building_widevinecdm_with_chromium.patch: If
  exterior-sourced widevine library exists at run-time, use it.

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