Merge lp://qastaging/~florian-rathgeber/ufc/python-setup into lp://qastaging/~fenics-core/ufc/main

Proposed by Florian Rathgeber
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp://qastaging/~florian-rathgeber/ufc/python-setup
Merge into: lp://qastaging/~fenics-core/ufc/main
Diff against target: 66 lines (+37/-7)
3 files modified
setup.py (+28/-0)
src/utils/python/ufc_utils/__init__.py (+2/-7)
src/utils/python/ufc_utils/version.py (+7/-0)
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Registry Administrators Pending
Review via email: mp+126259@code.qastaging.launchpad.net

Description of the change

There wasn't a way to install only ufc_utils via a Python package manager such as pip or easy_install. one could simply copy the directory (which is all CMake does), but this patch provides an automated way using distutils which can be used by tools using e.g. pip for dependency management.

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Johan Hake (johan-hake) wrote :

Sorry for letting this be kept on hold.

I think it is a reasonable request to have a version of ufc_utils installable without installing the actual ufc module (C++ and/or Python). However, introducing a distutils interface for ufc, which this merge request does, without dealing with the rest of UFC is suboptimal in my regard.You would expect that the whole ufc packages was installed when one does:

  python setup.py install

not only the ufc_utils.

Have you made yurself any thoughts about this? Could we interface the CMake build procedure from distutils making it possible to install (and optionally compile the swig interface) the whole ufc packages using distutils?

Unmerged revisions

357. By Florian Rathgeber

Add distutils setup.py to be able to install ufc_utils via Python package manager

356. By Florian Rathgeber

Outsource ufc_utils version information to version.py

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