Merge lp://qastaging/~mvo/ubuntu-system-image/snappy into lp://qastaging/~registry/ubuntu-system-image/client

Proposed by Michael Vogt
Status: Needs review
Proposed branch: lp://qastaging/~mvo/ubuntu-system-image/snappy
Merge into: lp://qastaging/~registry/ubuntu-system-image/client
Diff against target: 4173 lines (+3843/-6) (has conflicts)
34 files modified
NEWS.rst (+10/-0)
cli-manpage.rst (+8/-0)
debian/archive-master.tar.xz.asc (+17/-0)
debian/changelog (+597/-0)
debian/compat (+1/-0)
debian/control (+64/-0)
debian/copyright (+35/-0)
debian/rules (+55/-0)
debian/source/format (+1/-0)
debian/source/include-binaries (+1/-0)
debian/system-image-common.dirs (+2/-0)
debian/system-image-common.manpages (+3/-0)
debian/system-image-common.postinst (+25/-0)
debian/system-image-common.postrm (+20/-0)
debian/tests/ (+34/-0)
debian/tests/control (+11/-0)
debian/tests/dryrun (+11/-0)
debian/tests/ (+22/-0)
debian/tests/smoketest (+13/-0)
debian/tests/smoketest-noreboot (+15/-0)
debian/tests/unittests (+11/-0)
debian/upstream/signing-key.asc (+2459/-0)
debian/watch (+2/-0)
systemimage/data/client.ini (+2/-2)
systemimage/ (+1/-1)
systemimage/ (+307/-0)
systemimage/ (+27/-0)
systemimage/tests/ (+1/-1)
systemimage/tests/ (+9/-0)
systemimage/tests/ (+62/-0)
systemimage/version.txt (+4/-0)
tools/demo.ini (+1/-1)
tools/ (+1/-1)
tox.ini (+11/-0)
Text conflict in NEWS.rst
Text conflict in cli-manpage.rst
Text conflict in systemimage/
Text conflict in systemimage/
Text conflict in systemimage/tests/
Text conflict in systemimage/tests/
Text conflict in systemimage/version.txt
Text conflict in tox.ini
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp://qastaging/~mvo/ubuntu-system-image/snappy
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Registry Administrators Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change

This branch contains the changes for "snappy". Probably needs some tweaking before it can go in.

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Revision history for this message
Michael Vogt (mvo) wrote :

This branch is terrible because of the conflicts, we should kill it.

The "meat" (tofu) of the branch is really:
- make u-d-m a optional dependency (in debian/control as well!), this is AUIU already done in 3.0 with the pycurl changes
- r300 is important for snappy, worth a cherry pick
- r299 as well, we do not have /var/lib/dbus/machine-id on the snappy image and dbus uses /etc/machine-id in this case
- r297 can be solved once the conf.d/ changes are in place so not important for this

Once the above three bits are landed we can delete/close this MP. The conf.d support is a bonus, but its fine for me to branch to the PPA again if conf.d does not land for 3.0

Revision history for this message
Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

r299 is merged

Unmerged revisions

301. By Michael Vogt

releasing package system-image version 2.5-0ubuntu1+ppa13

300. By Michael Vogt

do not show exception log if "getprop" is not available
(e.g. on snappy)

299. By Michael Vogt

* use /etc/machine-id if available
* merge latest lp:system-image

298. By Michael Vogt

disable testsuite

297. By Michael Vogt

* systemimage/data/client.ini:
  - use ubuntucoreupgrader.apply.ApplyUpgrade as the reboot hook

296. By Michael Vogt

the curl handle "dltotal" property is not always available

295. By Michael Vogt

do not fail if u-d-m is not available

294. By Michael Vogt


293. By Michael Vogt

branch for ppa upload

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