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Recent revisions

203. By Doug Wiegley <email address hidden>

Enable native handlers for neutron API operations

Since this plugin inherits from the ml2 plugin, make use of
the native bulk, paging, and sorting handlers.

Closes-bug: 1810350
Change-Id: Id2deeea9b6722f8282b0f5fe478b4470e76c675e

202. By Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Adapt frozen DHCP agent code to support Pike"

201. By Nell Jerram

Streamline datamodel v1 code

Remove the definitions that we no longer use, and inline the remaining
path definitions so that the full paths are clearer to read.

Change-Id: I9935be3fb96f8ccf640392ad497b4163abc7c121

200. By Shaun Crampton

Version 3.4.0

Change-Id: I0119bf4e8f5abae972177b496c6114caadb7cf70

199. By Nell Jerram

Make dnsmasq invocation independent of Neutron DHCP code

In general, networking-calico's UT can break as changes are made to the
core Neutron code that some of our classes inherit from. In particular,
the UT for _build_cmdline_callback recently broke because of this

    Author: Jens Harbott <email address hidden> 2018-10-29 17:08:33
    Committer: Brian Haley <email address hidden> 2018-11-28 20:49:25

        Secure dnsmasq process against external abuse

        Currently any dhcp agent instance will work as an open resolver. For
        deployments using publicly routed addresses for tenant networks, this
        allows the agent being abused in dDoS attacks, see [1].

        By setting the `--local-service` option dnsmasq will filter DNS queries
        and reply only to queries from directly attached networks.

        [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1501206

        Closes-Bug: 1501206
        Change-Id: I76d810aad2ce0f15a88bd798963012fa0efca74e

We may want that change for Calico too; however, independently I'd like
to insulate networking-calico from being quietly broken by further
changes in this area, and we can do that by freezing in a copy of the
last-known-working Neutron code.

Change-Id: Ic9abdc641805455149c65b3f4502c1f4869dc0ec

198. By Nell Jerram

Version 3.3.0

Change-Id: I0ce14adc97753b15d4afded4a633e07fc510fe5a

197. By Nell Jerram

Make RPMs depend on python2-etcd3gw

Change-Id: Ic5ab7f204fbdd67fcef4cb771854c08c821c224f

196. By jcat

Make client auth setup compatible with mitaka and earlier

Also obscure passwords when logging

Change-Id: Id7d8fb5fb543b2516e432007c59cc2670db72d33

195. By Nell Jerram

Version 3.2.0

Change-Id: Icd234d39b20ecc9e8678fdae9c520ac85d023676

194. By Nell Jerram

Add endpoint labels for project ID and name, and for SG names

Change-Id: I1952bae29691f9ece9ad7ad72f0f9c95eaece3ef

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