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Recent revisions

363. By Monty Taylor

Retire stackforge/openstack-sdk-php

362. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Adding URL class for better encapsulation"

361. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Removing unnecessary line and switching to tilde operator"

360. By Jamie Hannaford

Re-formatting and adding Rackspace to Copyright headers

Previously, all work submitted by Rackspace employees were done with
"Copyright OpenStack Foundation" headers. This was done because we were
uncertain about the correct legal solution; since then, we have been
instructed to label all our work with "Rackspace US, Inc." copyrights
instead. This commit does that and reformats the docblock to a more
consistent style. Other PHP projects like Symfony, Composer, Doctrine,
etc. all do this.

Change-Id: I3e03b624d889a7a687ce630feef918ef9a24d015

359. By Jamie Hannaford

Remove red herring test

Currently we have a stand-alone script that tests authentication using
CLI commands. This does not integrate with our test suite. We already have
phpunit test files which test authentication, so we should be consistent with our approach.

Change-Id: I8779aa75a269f25a704652d752c6f58c5dc62176

358. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Removing unused bootstrap files"

357. By Jamie Hannaford

Delete custom autoloader

Change-Id: Ib63e4aa7507987e89ed9ed63f0130d4f8d3e5c90

356. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Removing top-level bin and script dirs"

355. By Jamie Hannaford

Upgrading arrays to 5.4 short syntax

Change-Id: I1a238996a3a8ab56fa0282cddc51c06f5c9bd139

354. By Jamie Hannaford

Refactors ClientInterface and Guzzle adapter.

This patch achieves three interrelated changes

1. an update to the ClientInterface, making it more efficient and
consistent with other HTTP libraries. PSR-FIG messages have also been
added as separate classes, rather than lumped as one. Guzzle
functionality has also been moved to its own namespace;

2. the refactoring of `GuzzleClient` to `GuzzleAdapter`, including
relevant changes needed for the interface change (1). We now have
ADAPTERS that bridge our interfaces with Guzzle's - making that
difference much clearer, extensible, less tightly coupled and less

3. moving "bad request" error handling into its own dedicated space,
based on how the new Adapter functionality (2). Previously the client
tried to do all the exception logic - but this is not strictly its
responsibility. This logic has been shipped out to a base
RequestException which instantiates one of its children exception based
on the HTTP status code.

Although I have attempted to keep the scope of this patch to a minimum,
as granular as possible, because the interface is a core internal API,
various other files need to be modified to reflect the change. In terms
of the other two changes, these are inextricably linked to the interface
change, so cannot be teased out into their own patches.

Change-Id: Ibc1b50cec125c11d32ee6e4f0dbb395fcaea864e

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