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Recent revisions

24. By Sumit Naiksatam

Make list and dict input consistent, other fixes

With some recent changes, a dictionary argument could be provided

But list arguments had to be space separated:
"x1 x2 x3"

This patch makes this consistent, to always be comma separated. At the
same time backward compatibility is being preserved.

Some other bugs are also getting fixed on account of this clean up:
Closes-bug: 1505452
Closes-bug: 1452155
Closes-bug: 1482310
Closes-bug: 1505343
Closes-bug: 1501659
Closes-bug: 1452156
Closes-bug: 1486725
Closes-bug: 1403192

Change-Id: Ie9128e35fb75af71249dfdcfeef2c1f4f812f118

23. By Sumit Naiksatam

Fix providing multiple ES for External Policy

There was a bug in processing the list of External Segments
specified by the user which was causing the name of the External
Segment to be sent to the backend. List comprehension in now being
used to build the list of UUIDs for the specified External Segments.

Change-Id: I7b79fccaffdc22e5f3a5f10b485803a0ba7634ff
Closes-bug: 1505402

22. By Sumit Naiksatam

Friendlier option for providing dict key arguments

Several CLI commands require providing dictionary arguments. These
arguments are currently provided as:

--argument-name "key1=<value1,key2=value2,...>"

Although the value fields are optional, it requires the user to
at least provide input in the form "key=". This is not very intuitive
and often confusing.

In this patch we preseve the current convention of providing the
dictionary arguments, but we enhance the parsing logic to also accept only
keys as arguments. The values are assumed as empty strings in such cases
and the appropriate dictonary is constructed and passed to the backend. So,
the following new syntax is also supported:

--argument-name "key1<,key2,...>"

This is a backward compatible change to the CLI.

Change-Id: I0f4c15b02c151a5f4facb2881fb0c11896a7e39c
Closes-bug: 1504912

21. By Monty Taylor

Change ignore-errors to ignore_errors

Needed for coverage 4.0

Change-Id: I05cc2e31bf77df1896cb3a89556e9677a0e9fb15

20. By Robert Kukura

Cap requirements for kilo

Cap python-heatclient version range to its kilo series. Use kilo
release series for python-neutronclient rather than latest from git.

Change-Id: I140a2d8087e44ae2a5173d80984718f1918f9942

19. By Robert Kukura

Support ServiceProfile resource and new attributes

Adds support for the ServiceProfile resource, for the ServiceChainNode
resource's service_profile_id attribute, and for the shared attribute
of the ServiceChainNode and ServiceChainSpec resources.

Also updates test_requirements.txt to use the current hacking version,
and disables checks that fail. These will need to addressed in a
separate patch.

Partially implements blueprint node-centric-chain-plugin

Change-Id: I62b59b878138d3d9ad5d340a0b8f7ff0b74a39a5

18. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Update GBPClient to work with NeutronClient Master (Post Juno)"

17. By Igor D.C.

Adds --shared attribute to commands missing it

This is the final commit of 2 towards closing GBP client bug #1403417.
It shows the --shared option for commands that previously
didn't show it, but should. The following resources
have been fixed (for both create and update operations):
* l2policy
* l3policy
* network-service-policy
* policy-action
* policy-classifier
* policy-rule
* policy-rule-set
* policy-target-group
Furthermore, the CLI tests have been updated to test --shared.
As an extra, all (*_all_params) test methods updated with the
new option have also been re-checked for potentially lacking
options and, in that case, updated with the missing options.

Change-Id: Ie4d88c56a2d3e7abd8b063faeac5933a96e37dde
Closes-Bug: #1403417

16. By Igor D.C.

Adds missing args2body and add_known_arguments

This is the first commit of 2 towards closing GBP client bug #1403417.
It adds args2body and add_known_arguments methods to the resources
whose update operations were lacking them:
* l2policy
* policy-action
* policy-classifier
* policy-target (although not used as shared)
This is a necessary initial step to then show the --shared option
in all create/update operations that support that attribute.

Change-Id: I1cefcb538c16165a3cd87aa261ea215861aa3b71
Partial-Bug: #1403417

15. By Sumit Naiksatam

Allow unsetting the ext segments on L3 Policy

To unset use:
gbp l3policy-update <ext-segment> --external-segment ""

Change-Id: I1cdb2c7f1bf311688f415b90df353b80b013c558
Closes-bug: 1424258

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