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11. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

 - moved to block.py piece allocation (may still be buggy)
 - updated license to LGPL v3

10. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

fixed up a bunch of bugs, getting ready for 0.0.2

9. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

file checksumming is in!

8. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

- changed license to LGPL v2.1
- miscelaneous in download.py, bin/celerity. things may be borken.

7. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

lots of stuff! file checksumming should come soon!

6. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

- fixed bug with only taking metalink files
- handle not having an explicit filesize better
- added celerity.py symlink for easier testing

5. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

created metalink.py, which allows us to abstract the metalink logic
away from the downloader logic. metalink.py also handles checking
resources for usability, and can do so in parallel, giving massive
speedups over the previous method on large metalinks. it will also soon
handle file verification via md5/sha hashes.

however, now only single metalinks are supported for downloading input.
this will be fixed in the near future, but the funtionality isn't in
metalink.py yet.

4. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

* added CHANGES
* started working on metalink abstraction (metalink.py)
  - will handle resource checking, metalink parsing, file verification

3. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

fixed an issue with threading

2. By Aren Olson <reacocard@noslor>

some fixes, and now an installer! the 0.0.1 preview is now ready.

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