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This is a fork of QDevelop with a lot of bug fixes (see WhiteBoard) and experimantal features.
Supported features:
- Mass replacing of text in project (using "Find in Files" dialog);
- Better Russian translation;
- On right-clicking on "Sources" etc in subproject tune the add dialog to add files to this subproject, not to root project;
- Comments autoclosing option (Issue 220).
Planned features:
- Fix strange behavior when switching project type (debug/release/debug_and_release), fix debug_and_release processing.
- Support for Bazaar and Subversion (plugins) (Issue 132);
- Support for non-code files;
- Study why file adding takes so long on large projects;
- ToDo list (local and global as in Delphi) (Issue 87);
- Delicate work with self-writed QMake files (change ONLY what it understands) (Issue 79, 165);
- Delicate sorting (sort ONLY what is worth sorting);
- Support for generating CMake files;
- Support for building via CMake;
- Doxygen support;
- Code snipets (Issue 39);
- Right clicking on #include should provide "Open" option (Issue 109);
- Check issues 130, 327, 248, 203, 288, 182, 170, 43, 42, 48, 227, 156;
- Test fixes for issues 333+187+326, 323+193, 225, 220, 82, 334.
- Custom targets support (Issue 49);
- Handling of variables (Issue 58);
- Option "Replace in selection" (Issue 97);
- Includes in .pro (Issue 146);
- Complex code completion (Issue 310);
- RegExp debugger (Issue 28);
- Dockable editor windows (Issue 112).

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364. By Dmitry Tantsur

- We no longer keep qm files in repository, you need to recreate them before installation.

363. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Merged upstream lp:~vcs-imports/qdevelop/trunk@336.
- Two strings fixes.
- Updated russian translation.

362. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Added vcs commit dialog UI and implementation stubs.
- Fixed error when subclassing dialog was given a null parent, added asserts.
- Added copyright and license information into my files.
- Fixed adding files into vcs when subclassing.

361. By Dmitry Tantsur

- vcs-bazaar: now project settings files, mocs and uics are ignored by bazaar.
- Added "prepareRootTree" to VcsInterface.
- Now CMakeLists.txt supports plugins autodetection, building and installing.
BUG: .bzrignore seems to change each time project is opened.

360. By Dmitry Tantsur

- vcs-bazaar: plugin implementation nearly finished and needs testing;
- vcs: fixed versioning files when "Add existant" is called;
- vcs-bazaar: added ignore pattern, still a bit buggy;
- SETTINGS_FILE_NAME is a define now, not a constant;
- vcs: added "Add all" command to project right-click menu.
Translation files need update.

359. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Added bazaar vcs plugin stub.

358. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Fixed 'Add variable' option in project configuration window (Issue 334).

357. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Fixed error with relative path in new class window.

356. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Updated russian translation;
- Updated lost ui/vcsstatus.ui.

355. By Dmitry Tantsur

- Experimental add/delete/rename/update vcs commands implementation.

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