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lp://qastaging/~tripleo/tuskar-ui/trunk 1 Development 2019-09-26 13:41:11 UTC
2101. Retire github mirror, repo moved to o...

Author: Jim Rollenhagen
Revision Date: 2019-09-26 13:41:11 UTC

Retire github mirror, repo moved to opendev

lp://qastaging/python-tuskarclient 1 Development 2013-10-03 14:05:02 UTC
39. Add python bindings for Nodes Change...

Author: Tzu-Mainn Chen
Revision Date: 2013-10-03 14:05:02 UTC

Add python bindings for Nodes

Change-Id: I09118980b1aae247ffcf4678001c48cad3cadc9f
Implements: blueprint add-node-support

lp://qastaging/os-collect-config 1 Development 2013-08-16 05:29:58 UTC
122. Stop resetting logging on every call ...

Author: Robert Collins
Revision Date: 2013-08-16 05:29:58 UTC

Stop resetting logging on every call to __main__.

__main__ is called directly during tests, but was resetting the
logging environment within it, which prevented tests from capturing
the log events.

Change-Id: If710e11091723144c97c88aab4aa5e6126844d2b

lp://qastaging/os-refresh-config 1 Development 2013-08-13 16:45:14 UTC
13. Updated to OpenStack standards Chang...

Author: Monty Taylor
Revision Date: 2013-08-13 16:45:14 UTC

Updated to OpenStack standards

Change-Id: Idf87a63c72bfb85de713ebb69564509f8c00393b

lp://qastaging/tuskar 1 Development 2013-08-12 15:48:34 UTC This branch has not been imported yet.
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