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This branch is an import of the CVS module gnaural from :pserver:anonymous@gnaural.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gnaural.

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Import started on russkaya and finished taking 14 minutes — see the log
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Recent revisions

111. By gnaural

Minor Cleanup before re-releasing source version 0.4.20070301

110. By gnaural

Replaced all g_ascii_dtostr() writes with g_ascii_formatd("%g"),
because g_ascii_dtostr() had bizarre rounding errors and represented
numbers in an extremely ineficcient manner.

109. By gnaural

replaced atof and fprintf with glib locale-independent writing and
reading functions to fix the persistent non-dot decimal format problems.
They are in, but their output wastes huge amounts of filespace because
of extremely inefficient numeral representation and the apparent need
to show, for example, 8.5 as 8.49999999999999999999999 sort of crap.
Will look in to an alternative tomorrow: g_ascii_formatd

108. By gnaural

MSWindows version: Updated the misc/Gnaural.iss file to handle the icon
correctly and also add an "Unistall" shortcut to the Start->Gnaural
menu. also hard-coded paths to all local files to avoid WINE path

107. By gnaural

Updates reflecting new release 0.4.20070301 on sourceforge

106. By gnaural

This CVS snapshot represents the current SourceForge release 0.4.20070301

105. By gnaural

Updated deb build info for new version release

104. By gnaural

This is the windows icon that Inno uses for Win32 installations

103. By gnaural

Represents current SourceForge release 0.4.20070301

102. By gnaural

Fixed balance bug, rewrote overwrite confirmation, basically ready except
for a few cosmetic things.

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